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    Ghost "Riders"

    Meadowdale Raceway was a 3.27 mile road course race track which opened for its first race on September 14, 1958, and some of the biggest names in racing have competed there.  It’s still walkable, or at least a good bit of it, located within Raceway Woods near the corners of Route 31 and Huntley Road...

  • Car Experiences
    Porsche Driving School At The Autobahn

    Judd Blunk is the Regional Manager for Porsche here and he covers a lot of ground supervising the activities of 16 locations throughout the Midwest.  A busy man.  But he gave me a little time and we discussed Porsche’s past, present (in this case, the Porsche Sport Driving School) and the future (I’m sworn...

  • Car Guy Lifestyle
    150 Countries By Motorcycle

    Dave writes—When I was 20, I rode from Chicago to Acapulco, Mexico on a 900 cc Harley Sportster.  The 1st day I rode 600 miles.  The second day I managed 35 miles and spent the rest of that day in a bath tub filled with ice.   Burt Richmond of Chicago has done 150...

  • Car Events
    The Senna Movie

    Playing at: landmarktheatres.com 2828 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 509-4949

  • Cars
    Alfa Romeo 8C Convertible

    In Lamborghini Gold Coast a few weeks ago, I got a pleasant surprise when I ran across the new convertible.  I had never seen one in the flesh and thought you might not of as well so I took a few pics. Still 5% too larger in my opinion, it does shrink a...

  • Boats
    Out-Island Explorers With Jillian

    Bored?  When Jillian Galas isn’t taking the DB-9 for a spin, she’s doing other fun stuff. Jillian...

  • Cars
    Our Man In Paris Buys A 512TR

    I’ve known Maxime Morandi for a least a decade.  He lives in Paris with his girlfriend, Laurence,...

  • Car Gurus
    From Indy Lites To Racing Watches

    Phil Saville and I have been friends for many years.  He has owned 6 Ferraris, and 5...

  • Car Events
    The Barrington Concours July 9-10th, 2011

    A sputtering economy has done nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of Patty Doud Schmitz, Mary Bradford-White, Molly...

  • Car Art
    Gearheads Buy Art, Too…

    Even if you don’t own a Murci, you have to admit this is a cool piece of art. There are a bunch of great car artists in Chicago but I particularly like his style and thought you might as well. Artist Lee Radtke writes; “I happened to be in Gold Coast Lamborghini one...

  • Car Experiences
    On The Track You’re Uninsured!

    After all the lecturing I do, I’m still surprised when a client asks me the question so here’s the answer;  when you are on the track for nearly any type of event, you are on your own. It should come as no secret that the insurance companies do not want you to...

  • Cars
    5 Sports Cars To Buy Now

    If you are interested in cars that won’t loose half their value by the fall, consider the following list.  After talking to owners, dealers and mechanics, I’ve come up with these: Aston Vantage 4.3 or 4.7  Grand Tourning with miles of style and lots of space, argueably one of the handsomest cars...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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