• Rich Drab Talks Snakes

    Editing wasn’t completed in time for last month’s news letter, but I wanted you to get to know a Chicago guy just like you, rabidly into cars. Rich Drab has always been into fast cars on the street and faster cars on the track, and I ran him down for a brief video interview...

  • Alfa Romeo 8C Convertible

    In Lamborghini Gold Coast a few weeks ago, I got a pleasant surprise when I ran across the new convertible.  I had never seen one in the flesh and thought you might not of as well so I took a few pics. Still 5% too larger in my opinion, it does shrink a...

  • Our Man In Paris Buys A 512TR

    I’ve known Maxime Morandi for a least a decade.  He lives in Paris with his girlfriend, Laurence,...

  • 5 Sports Cars To Buy Now

    If you are interested in cars that won’t loose half their value by the fall, consider the following list.  After talking to owners, dealers and mechanics, I’ve come up with these: Aston Vantage 4.3 or 4.7  Grand Tourning with miles of style and lots of space, argueably one of the handsomest cars...

  • Lamborghini Reventon, Nera, And Aventador

    In Beverly Hills, I’m sitting in $1.8 million worth of carbon fiber wondering how much I can talk them down. My opening bid was less than they wanted to hear, as was my final offer.  A styling exercise, this car is number 9 of about 20 built.  It’s interesting but like being...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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