Dave writes—When I was 20, I rode from Chicago to Acapulco, Mexico on a 900 cc Harley Sportster.  The 1st day I rode 600 miles.  The second day I managed 35 miles and spent the rest of that day in a bath tub filled with ice.  

Burt Richmond of Chicago has done 150 countries on various motorcycles and I can only wince at the thought of how often he has made trips to hotel ice machines.

He should be a lot older than 73 , just based on the number of rides he’s taken, and his garage is an homage to his travels.  A Nepal motorcycle trip in 1982 turned into an annual event, and as friends begged to go along, trips became quarterly.

Retired at 50 from his career in architecture, he started riding numerous trips a year; Corsica, Mongolia, The Great Wall, Vietnam, and quarterly trips turned into 15-20 a year, gone more than he was home.

Burt And Me At His Garage

A swap meet in Hanford, CA had led to the purchase of his 1st small displacement, Italian motorcycle and that quickly pointed him in the direction of what would become his passion and define his collecting philosophy—innovative engineering and incredible styling- lets you understand both what he’s bought and who he is.

MV Augusta Disco Volante, Rumi, Gilara, Aermachia, all storied manufacturers that built beautiful machinery worth a google, or for the real thing, drop Burt a line.

A Small Corner of Sporting Italian Machinery

I hope you meet this man and get a tour of his garage.  I am planning on asking him if I can get some friends and clients over for a few glasses of wine and some thoughts on why the Italians seem to marry so well, form and function.

See you on down the road,


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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