I don’t necessarily follow the high-end collector car market prices, per se, because paying millions and millions of dollars for a car (or anything else) is simply beyond my financial wherewithal.

Like the author of the report I have linked to at the end this story, I’m simply stunned at prices paid for cars, and while the recent sale of a very special Ferrari 275 NART Spyder obviously skews things a great deal, there seems to be no end to people willing to invest amounts of money that, not too long ago, would have sponsored a racing team.


One thing is obvious;

at the very top of the car collector pantheon, the very wealthy have now embraced certain automobiles with a verve seen only in the art world, assigning the same status (financial and otherwise) to the best automobiles, as they have to a Renoir or Matisse.


And here’s where the ultra-rich get ultra-richer…

Buy a Ferrari 250 GTO and you’re guaranteed an incredible appreciation.  Buy something less like a Ferrari 250 Lusso and the car will go up in price, but the Lusso is never going to be worth $100 million, and the GTO will be, very soon!


So what did you learn about making real money purchasing cars?


Do you…
  1. Buy something you like and hope it gets hot?
  2. Hope your Aunt Millie is secretly a billionaire and leaves it all to you?
  3. Buy the GTO?

(answer = 2 & 3)



ATTENTION: For an interesting read CLICK Monterey Auction Report for the summary of what sold at Monterey this year, and what prices got paid.  

See You on Down the Road,


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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