Nobody is suggesting the people at Maserati are sitting around relaxing. But just because focused and frenetic may start with the same letter, doesn’t mean they are still not entirely different words.

Spy Shot In The Snow


A new Q-Port, a new SUV, a rumored 911 killer just around the corner, so why a smaller Quattroporte (and from the photos, maybe 4 wheel drive) invoking a long-forgotten name.


Seeing last years’ sales success of Mercedes and BMW, with again fast-closing Lexus, may lead the folks at Maserati to want a piece of the E-Class and 5-Series segment.

Trouble is Benz , Bimmer, and Lexus have been doing it forever and put out products with unblemished reputation and evolutionary development that has been, frankly, a little haphazard at Maserati.

Everyone wants a bit of the crowded mass-affluent market and the Alfa based Maserati group is more than conscious of these other automaker’s niche, but buyers at this level are still not latching on to the four door Maserati the way the factory wishes they would. So a smaller 4 door sedan might be a tough sell in a world everyone wants to control.

What DOES make sense to me is the mid-engine car rumored for 2015.


Future Maserati 911 Killer


“A mid-engined car is something we’re missing, so we find this idea very interesting”, according to Maserati reps.  And here the famous Trident may have a real chance, given a romantic racing history begging  for a dust-off.

The car, under working name GranSport, will use a tweaked version of the Alfa Romeo 4C’s platform, looks to the 911 as competition, and would feature two twin-turbo engine choices developed in connection with Ferrari:

  • 3.0-litre V6 produces 404bhp (which no one will buy)
  • V8 producing 523bhp (which everyone will buy)


Maserati is looking ahead to a production target of 50,000 vehicles and the tempting way is to try to be everything for everybody. 

The real target should be to produce 50,000 of ANYTHING people are anxious to standing in line to buy. 

Now where’s that Apple playbook…



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