2014 Maserati Quattroporte

Like so many, I dropped by Continental Autosports (Hinsdale, IL) last week for a peek at the new 2014 Maserati Quattroporte. I had written about the new Maserati back in January and I was anxious to see it in the flesh.

Now, I can’t help thinking that Maserati sales people everywhere have a tough road ahead.  Gone is the athletic muscularity that so defined the Quattroporte exterior in the past. Also gone are all the quirky bits inside; liked them or hated them, you knew you were in a Maserati when you drove the car.

Maserati 2014Above all, what we all want is to be different, set apart from everyone else, and when sameness creeps into the design, there has to be a reason.

Maserati S.p.A has decided it wants to sell 50,000 cars over the next few years, and the new price points (see below) could make that possible. Cash flow is important; I get it.

There is an understanding when you buy Italian cars; live with the quirks and you will grow to love them. It’s what makes personality. It’s the intangibles that make us like people, and makes us like cars, too.

“It’s a Maserati”, you would tell your passenger, as they point out something a little different. Now you’ll be saying those same words even before they get in.

There is an old saying, “the fishing is best where the fewest go”, and yet Maserati seems content to enter a ring full of seasoned pros, landing it squarely in the Audi S8, S-Class Benz, 6 Series BMW, and Panamera class.

Maserati 2014That said, don’t give up on Maser, and 523 BHP is why. Expect stunning acceleration and top speed of 190+ for your $130,000.

An optional V-6 offers 404 BHP, can be had in all wheel drive, and still hit 177 MPH starting at a bit over $100,000.

200 pounds lighter than its predecessor , now a bigger car, and the Euro model on display couldn’t hide that length, even painted in slimming black.

Maserati won’t care one bit about what I think of their new car, but they should have serious concerns about the comments I overheard standing in the crowd.

Potential clients mentioned being a little underwhelmed, and I watched carefully as groups walked around the car a few times and then got caught up in talk of Ferraris only a few feet away.

I understand this car if Maserati is saying “hold my place in line while I get a cappuccino”. But if this model points to the future, it’s time to figure that place won’t be held for long.


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