Downsizingverb, definition…”trimming the fat”

Mercedes AMG GTS is all that…

Mercedes Benz has been delivering performance automobiles longer than anyone, because Mercedes and Karl are credited with building the first Motorwagen in 1885. MB has built a lot of cars since then but with this new car, they’ve proven exceptionally good at “schneiden das fett…trimming the fat”…


I haven’t driven the new 2016 Mercedes AMG GTS yet, but I crawled all over it during press days at the just ended L.A. Auto Show. Aimed squarely at those not willing to part with SLS money, the 2016 AMG GTS is a case study in less is more. When 8 cylinders will do the same job as 12, why bother with the extra expense.

mail_image_preview-5Outside, the car is simply gorgeous, with nothing tacked on, nothing extraneous. Organic in shape and lovely from any angle, this is the car that the Mercedes Benz reps were proud to talk about and press cameras clicked like machine gun fire when unveiled.


Shorter, smaller, and to my eye, much better looking than its alphabet soup (SLS, SLR, SL65) siblings, the AMG GTS may just to be a near the perfect combination of usability and speed.


I love the interior of this car; Art Deco, masculine, pilot-like interior. Sumptuous, elegant, comfortable…the handsomest thing I’ve sat inside of all year, I simply wanted to touch everything. Real room for luggage also makes this a GT, capable of really being used, because honestly, you aren’t going to take an SLR to the office.


Somewhere along the road of life, you either decide on who YOU are, “car-wise”, or you let the car decide. The Mercedes AMG GTS client knows themselves well enough to buy this car, and they are a group demanding high levels of comfort with serious, real-world, performance.



Coming, Spring 2015




  • 4.0 Liter V8 Biturbo with the turbos “inside” the V, RWD, seven-speed auto
  • 503 HP
  • 0-60: 3.6 seconds
  • Price: around $150K



The Competition: Aston Martin Vantage S, Porsche, Maserati Alfieri



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