2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia


Alfa Romeo Typo 33 Stradale

I’m seated in the second row at the early morning Alfa Romeo press conference at the 2015 L.A. Auto Show.

Mesmerized by the Alfa Typo 33 Stradale in front of me, the turntable starts to spin the $10,000,000 car, and a driver jumps in and fires her up. Light, wispy puffs of Castro-induced smoke dance in the air and the whoosh from the 8 cylinder, 2 liter engine scatters the soot with the sound of a racing motor being continuously revved between idle and redline.  At 8:30 AM, the noise is the equivalent of mainlining 30 espressos.

A turntable spins the Stradale around, and it exits off stage to be replaced by super models in racing suits, escorting the new Alfa Giulia onto the stage.  Gorgeous lines… and the car wasn’t bad either.  What an entrance.

Nurburgring performance

On stage, the history of Alfa Romeo unfolded from the head of Alfa, and behind him on a giant display were the staggering numbers of a world-beating sedan, the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia.

Alfa Giulia HP:Torque

Alfa Giulia HP:Torque




The Giulia has a wonderful look; sensuous, inviting from bumper to bumper, and a serious alternative to every other sports sedan on the road.


Alfa Giulia performance

Alfa Giulia performance

Alfa Giulia









Alfa Giulia interior

Alfa Giulia interior


Closed to the press, I still managed to beg my way into the driver’s seat and make a very quick impression of red stitching against glove grey leather, sports seats, and a proper 6 speed transmission. Alfa has managed to combine aesthetics with a beautiful, proper interior.

Subjectively, the dark titanium car was the color to have and I hope most owners reconsider the knee-jerk red that was displayed nearby.

Truth is, Alfa has been a non- player in the US automotive world for a long, long time but Italian automotive enthusiasts everywhere are excited about the rebirth of this venerated marque. First the 4C, now this sports sedan, factory reps on hand promised lots more surprises to come. Spoiler alert, 6C is closer than you think.

Alfa Romeo just gave German manufacturers another reason to reach for the Ambien.

Like filing out of great theater after the performance, I was disappointed when the Alfa Romeo media event came to a close; I would have sat through this debut over and over again.


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