2017 Aston Martin DB11 is sexy and glamorous…

Aston Martin DB11

According to the Internet, the Brits doing some things better than anyone else and one of those things is queuing up.  You know, standing in line for long periods of time…waiting.  No better proof is in the pudding than the wait for Aston Martin to wake up, put on the kettle, and get down to work.

As the world turned, the folks at Gaydon seemed content to stuff a Vanquish engine into a Vantage, and then trundle off to watch episodes of Downton Abbey, gloating over the finale that we, in the US, wouldn’t be privy to for 6 months.  Seemingly unaware that sports cars were improving by the day, and Vegas odds had Aston folding in the next few years, Aston Martin showed up, and with a cash infusion from Mercedes Benz, the resurrection has begun.

Enter the all new Aston Martin DB11, the car that will change everything for the 100 year old company.

Thanks to a kind invitation from my friend Scott Elrod at autoconcierge.co in Los Angeles, CA., I spent a morning in the DB11 with Edwyn Gwyther, Aston Martin brand specialist, who busily navigated traffic apps to get us on better roads, while filling in the fine details of this exciting new car.

I was skeptical but let’s be clear, this is a revolution for Aston; clean sheet design from stem to stern, leaving behind things like normal aspiration, old transmissions, and stodgy image.

The DB11 will be a car that can finally compete in the world of the Grand Touring automobile with the likes of the more expensive Ferrari FF and the more run of the mill Porsche Panamera.  And while both the Ferrari and the Porsche are faster, and though maybe better in the speed department, there is something about the DB11 that has an allure unmatched, even down to the new, specially made Bridgeston tires named the 007’s.

Aston Martin DB11

Aston Martin DB11

To the general public anyway, this car was something special, even to jaded Los Angelenos.  Heads turned, no, swiveled.  Teslas, Porsches, even the homeless (I swear, a guy jumped in front of me at a stoplight and bowed), wanted to figure out what I was driving.

The new Aston Martin is a work of art in freshly sculpted aluminum and leather and although the dimensions of the Aston Martin DB11 are similar to those of the old DB9, the new Aston Martin DB11 is as modern as any contemporary you can name.

DB11 5.2 Liter 600HP

DB11 5.2 Liter 600HP

The totally new 5.2 liter twin turbo V12 produces 600 HP and pushes out a sub-four-second zero-to-60-mph time and a 200-mph top speed, all the while managing to retain the glorious twelve cylinder noise in spite of those turbos.  Fuel economy is said to be improved with this new motor, but this car isn’t bought buy those looking for the cheapest place to fill up.

Gone is the slow and clunky egear, now replaced by a lightning fast 8 speed gearbox, and I love the fact that the Aston DB11 let’s you adjust the chassis settings without simultaneously adjusting the engine shift points. That way, you can still have those blistering gear changes while enjoying a comfortable ride.  And more than just pretty, new AeroBlades in the rear wheel arches direct air to trunk lid vents, helping to reduce drag at high speeds, and contributing greatly to the DB11 handing.

Aston AeroBlade

Aston AeroBlade

Inside, Mercedes Benz electronics are modern and anyone that’s driven a late model Benz will feel right at home with the infotainment system.

DB11 Dashboard

DB11 Dashboard

The DB11 is the first in a series of new cars.  Next year it’s that Vantage, then the Vanquish, an all electric Rapide, and finally the all electric DBX crossover.

Rumor has it that Aston’s CEO Andy Palmer takes his mom out to the production lot and has her identify the different models of Astons.  Andy wants distinction in the model range and if mom can’t figure it out it’s back to the drawing board.  My guess is, mom’s going to be busy.

The new Aston Martin DB11 will change the way everyone looks at Aston Martin, and with a couple of well placed calls to an Aston dealership, you might just be able to park a new DB11 in your garage by Saint Swithin’s Day.

Take my word for all of this or find Chris Harris’ take on the DB11 on youtube…


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