Freezing Cold

Mark Our Great Wrench!

I had never done wheel to wheel racing until this and the experience was phenominal.  Sliding, drifting, and that was just on the way to the bathroom. South Haven Michigan was bitterly cold with howling winds (30-40 mph), rain and snow almost all weekend.

Wheel to wheel racing isn’t like sitting in front of your flat screen, clutching a joy stick.  Games let you click the replay button over and over until you hit the apex, miss the car in front of you, or your wife tells you to shut that thing off.

Endurance racing requires intense concentration for long periods of time (I’m on Ritalin), passing and being passed while staying on the racing line (uh— nope), and the ability to consider the next time (ah, next time).

(Someone is going to ask, so…the car broke late Sunday after some pesky ignition problems on Saturday.  We DNF’ed, but the experience was priceless).

And next time is where you come in.  If you have ever wanted to race wheel to wheel on the cheap, know that:

  • The 24 Hours Of Lemons is an absolute blast.
  • You will learn much about yourself and your team mates  SEE THETOP 10 THINGS I EXPERIENCED AT LEMONS
  • If you are the least bit competitive, you will discover (as I did) the absolute thrill of passing another car, and you will also discover (as I did) how clever I am at making up excuses for why someone drove by me.

Like the NIKE ads say, “just do it”. Assume the role of team leader, get a friend or two that likes to drive and I promise you an experience you won’t forget.

Find it @

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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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