Two things are ubiquitous in Los Angeles; yoga studios and (what I call) surprise and delight.

I had just read in Esquire Magazine that the 250 Cal Spyder was the dream car of Adam Levine (Maroon 5, The Voice), which pretty much puts him in the same category of “everybody else on earth”.

So I walked as casually as I could toward the Ferrari 250 LWB California Spyder parked at a meter that still had 44 minutes on it.

Listed by most as one of the top 10 Ferraris ever built, the car looked correct inside and out, and it would have taken someone with a little more knowledge to point out irregularities I might have missed.

The dash looked great, the gauges correct, seats as I remember seeing them in other Cals, but this thing should have had ropes around it, swarms of people gawking, and stern-faced judges writing notes. Instead the only people passing were a mom with a baby carriage and a couple of girls headed for that aforementioned yoga class.

My 1st Ferrari was a 250 GTE with similar underpinnings, basic motor and stuff, but a little like comparing my high school girlfriend to Naomi Watts.

I discreetly decided not to wait around to ask questions I really didn’t want answered, so I just shot a few photos and smiled the rest of the day at an absolutely wonderful apparition.

Looking to add one to your collection? Budget $5 to $10 million, and yes, there a few that change hands every year.

Provenance be damned, I walked backwards away from that car. 34 minutes left on the meter and even the owner of a real one would have moved it soon, given the cost of a ticket in L.A.

Only thing missing was the sound of that glorious V-12 and I’ve taken care of that for you below.

See you on down the road,


Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder START-UP and Lovely REVS

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