Thinking about your next Ferrari?

“Very soon you will buy your Ferrari like this,” said Steve Clarke calmly, with the absolute certainty of a man confident in his words.

I ran into Steve Clarke last fall during press days at the L.A. Auto Show. We had met a year or so back and I was fascinated by his photo technology that would let one “spin” a car.

Obviously not the only one intrigued, he had been hired to “spin” the entire L.A. Auto Show, and now the Chicago Auto Show, and, and, and…

We chatted over coffee:

360REVO- Steve

360REVO- Steve

STEVE:  Everything started with the advent of the internet…and I got thinking about thumbnail pictures and that there just had to be something more.

I got the idea and spent two years of serious R&D to create the rig and patented the technology that let’s me put anyone in a car… getting high definition and a quality look took some time but now the whole process of photoing the car usually takes no more than 10 minutes.


DAVE:  You said I would buy my next Ferrari like this?


STEVE:  In the 80’s, autos for sale were a line item in the newspaper. With my technology, your dealer can send a link of a car that interests you, and you can almost literally jump inside and out, crawling all over the thing.  (DAVE’s NOTE: I bought my 1st Ferrari out of an ad in the papers in the mid-80’s…)


Imagine sitting on a boat in Santa Monica harbor, getting a mobile spin of what you want, zooming in on the details, pulling back to almost physically kick the tires…from almost any angle.

And sending it to your mobile phone means you can share all the details with your car buddies instantly. Shopping for a car with your wife? Let her jump in and walk around without the hassle of dragging her to the dealership…

360REVO- Steve and Dave

360REVO- Steve and Dave


DAVE:  What else can you spin?


STEVE:  Almost anything that doesn’t move… from a cigar in a smoke shop to a cigarette boat… and we do restaurants, planes, and people, too, which is why the look of Facebook is going to change soon…


DAVE:  As to the actual technology behind the process…Steve said he would have to kill me if he told me… but you can take a sneak peek at the entire Chicago Auto Show on the link below.


And someday soon we are all going to look at the process of buying a car (even an exotic) very differently than we do today…

You will be seeing more of Steve and 360REVO as we move through test drives this year…


CLICK HERE to take a quick spin of the entire Chicago Auto Show





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