Podcast: Carey Hines

Interested in sliding around a corner in a 1300 pound Beck Spyder, propelled by 180HP?

This Porsche 550 Spyder replica gives you all the thrill of the real thing at a tiny fraction of the cost. Carey Hines, VP & Co-Owner of Special Edition, Inc.(www.beckspeedster.com), talks his passion for cars, the business of building sophisticated replicas with his dad Kevin, and why James Dean would be proud.

Special Edition, Inc. (www.beckspeedster.com) in Bremen, IN. SEI manufacturers and distributes the world famous Beck replicas; Beck Spyder, Beck Speedster and Beck GTS.  Carey is 2nd generation owner with a passion for 50s and 60s European styled race cars.  Besides having a hands on role in the day to day production, Carey enjoys planning every build directly with the client in order to help them build their dream.

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