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Best Driving Simulators 2023

Sharpen Your Skills With eRace Simulators

The Corona Virus shut down a lot of great social contacts between people but one of the industries that thrived was at home racing, specifically iRacing and the like. Electronic simulators greatly expanded the normal pool of those looking to sharpen their racing skills through at-home automobile track simulation. iRacing in particular captivated the imagination of people looking to challenge themselves, as well as others, to simulated track time racing. iRacing is the leading simulated racing game, developed as a centralized racing and competition service. iRacing organizes, hosts and officiates online racing on virtual tracks all around the world. In the fast-paced world of eSports, iRacing is a one-stop-shop for online racing, and if you are interested in getting into racing simulation, I would suggest you start there.

Other competition services abound, and based on comments from friends and clients, a bit of experimentation will lead you to what feels the best. Think it’s just a game? Formula One drivers training on them constantly.

There has also been an explosion of simulators on the market, all available due to the training originally designed for commercial and military pilots, that gradually made its way into the world of the professional and later amateur racers eager to take advantage of the ability to spend off-track time to improve their game. If you add up the time and money spent getting to the track, and time on the track, racing simulation can save you a great deal of money while tweaking your skills until you hit the false grid.

Like cars, simulators can be utilitarian or expensive. If you apply the old adage that road racing is all about “shits and grins”, it appears that the more you spend, the more you can expect of both, with the higher end machines obviously guaranteeing a much more realistic experience.

Below are some of the top machines I have found but there are certainly others, and my list is in no particular order. And as they all look remarkably alike in photos, I’ve indicated where you can peruse each manufacturer’s website for the actual feel of what each offers, spec-ing out the simulator of your choice.

Force Dynamics Simulator

It’s a motion simulator that tilts and rotates to simulate the experience of being in a car, plane, or pretty much any other vehicle. It can be configured as a driving simulator or racing simulator, a flight simulator, or customized to match your requirements. From $55-75,000

CXC Simulations

CXC’s on-going research, innovation, and development ensure that our products are always ready to make the experience of controlling a speeding vehicle as realistic, educational, and exciting as possible. What’s impossible today isn’t necessarily impossible tomorrow, and we constantly strive to turn these impossibilities into reality. From $60,000 

Razer Ultimate Simulator

As an eSports pioneer and one of the biggest brands in the scene today, Razer is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible—and the concept racing simulator we’re showcasing offers an exciting glimpse at what the future has in store for gamers worldwide. $100,000

Sector Simulations

From our inception, we’ve been driven to create the ultimate customer experience without compromising on the fidelity of our system. We are proud to offer our customers the best in Motorsport and Flight Simulation. From $46,000

Vesaro Simulators

Professional VR solution with the flexibility of a large curved single display which can be utilized as the main display for racing when not using the VR headset, as well as for setup and control. Designed for private or home customers requiring high end Motorsport grade components for personal race driver training or home enthusiasts who require the best.

There are lots less expensive ways to go but the best can be worth it in terms of the motion performance high tech has now made available. And all of these simulator manufacturers can work with you to design a system that meets your needs.

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