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Bentley Bentayga Meets Mansory Magic

Mansory Bentayga SUV White

The battleship of Bentleys, the Bentayga has been handed a series of redos by the German tuner firm, Mansory, with upgrades all around. Interior, exterior and performance tweaks transform the rather staid Bentayga into a butt-kicking, cooler looking machine, and all’s the better for it.

I’ve always found driving a Bentayga a fun experience, but the exterior styling was much more Flying Spur than Continental GT Speed.  Rather plain, a bit organic, walking up to the Bentley Bentayga was alway a bit of a disappointment, looks wise.

Mansory Bentayga SUV

Under the knife at Mansory, the Bentley SUV gets an incredible facelift, transforming the elder statesman into something you can’t wait to jump into. There is the obligatory carbon fiber over everything, with spoilers, roof, but done well, more Lamborghini than Bentley. Nothing tacky, a large dollop of refreshing that the Bentayga needed. No more need to be embarrassed anymore by parking next to an Urus at The Met Gala.

Where the exterior of the Bentayga often lacked, the interior was flawless, and here the changes are cosmetic, nicely done, with the aforementioned carbon fiber vastly updating the modern feel to the car.

Mansory Bentayga Engine car

Below decks, Mansory has bumped up the stock Bentayga 12 cylinder engine from 752 to 900 HP, and a bit of torque now sees this Bentley past the 0-60 mark in 3.6 seconds in an SUV that weighs in just under 6,000 pounds. Egads! And if you fall into the camp of wanting less horsepower (I don’t) you can also have your V8 Bentayga suitably altered by the talented people at Mansory.

While the cost of the upgrades is relative to your personal whims, you’re already into the base model for nearly $200,000, so adding another 30 or 40% (my guess) to personalized your machine is entirely a matter of how you spend your money.  Importantly, upgrading and customization alway means to be done with discretion, unless you plan to keep it forever, and we both know you won’t.

For those with the absolute need, real or perceived, you can get your Mansory Bentayga armored plated. You can bet that will increase those 0-60 times, but your bodyguards will appreciate the thought.


Mansory Aviation Jet

Before you head over to the Mansory website, know that they also offer customization for your aircraft, and have long been into the customization of private jets, transforming the ordinary (if you can actually say that about private jets) to someone’s unique needs.

Production on the highest technical level combined with masterful craftsmanship and the most precious materials – this is the quality standard of MANSORY LUXURY AVIATION. Cabin interiors with timeless design and signature technology components are the foundation of the MANSORY AVIATION programme. Practical, extravagant and noble, MANSORY cabin interiors deliver comfort and confidence.

Custom modifications to enhance the operation of the aircraft or an custom paint theme – MANSORY LUXURY AVIATION can do anything when it comes to the body of the aircraft. Engineered and performed to the highest quality standards, our modifications come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for the design of your aircraft. –MANSORY


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