One of the 1st questions I ask a new client is about their vehicle usage.  Of little concern to the rest of the general population, your exotic is treated differently at its 10th birthday than your daily driver, and here is how you can save some bucks.

While most cars just get older, at 10 years of age, your Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Porsche and the like, all qualify for classic car status.  25 years or more and it’s considered antique.

“Antique” TR

And that’s a good thing if, like most owners, you drive your car less than a couple of thousand miles a year.

ANTIQUE AND CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES AND REPLICAS—-Below are the good bits (and I have paraphrased to keep myself out of jail): Vehicles of the type described below which are used on a very limited basis, such as exhibitions, club activities, parades, or similar functions of public interest (concours, rallys…) . Vehicles which are regularly used for personal, pleasure, and business purposes shall be classified and rated in accordance with regular rules and rates applying to the type of vehicle insured.

  • Ten or more years old and which because of limited production or exceptionally fine workmanship is a rarity or of historic interest and which has been restored, maintained, or preserved.
  • Twenty Five or more years old and which has been restored, maintained, or preserved.
  • A Replica is a reproduction of an antique or classic automobile. If the vehicle is 25 or more years old, it’s antique.

Age of the vehicle is determined as of January 1st of each calendar year.

“Classic” Diablo

A little more nitty-gritty:

  • You use it on a  limited basis (NOTICE HOW MANY TIMES I’VE SAID THIS), such as exhibitions, club activities, parades, or similar functions of public interest, but that would include events you all commonly drive to like, “cars and coffee”, “Supercar Saturday”, obvious club outings and concours.
  • You won’t get a multi-car discount with these types of policies
  • You have to have some deductible for fire, theft, vandalism
  • And you can’t suspend the policy for winter as the premiums are cheap, cheap, cheap!


If you have questions about this being right for you and your ride, drop me a line and I’m happy to walk you through the mechanics.

“Classic” 993

See you on down the road,



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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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