IMG_1352You think zombies only exist in movies?  Take a look around you while on the road; drivers devoid of life piloting soulless cars, shuffling along in unison, impeding your God given right to fun driving.

Fiat to the rescue!  Far less expensive than hiring  Brad Pitt, for around $25,000 you can own your very own zombie killer, and leave the living dead in your rear view mirror.

Courtesy of Fiat North America, I drove the 500 Abarth Coupe back when it was just released and called it an impressive little car.

Last month I got to jump into the 2014 Cabrio version, now made better via open air. Due to a high roof line, the coupe never felt claustrophobic, but the open air version lets you enjoy the outside and hear the sexy exhaust pumping out of this Abarth edition.

The view of the sky is  arranged a bit like the old Citroen Deux Chevaux as the top doesn’t really drop completely like a regular convertible, but rather slides back along the roof line, letting in fresh air (or in my case rain).  You can slide it back at up to 50 miles an hour so you don’t have to play the stoplights, and it works like a charm.500

No one is going to be screaming about power to weight ratios, g-force cornering or raucous exhaust sounds, but I promise you they are all there, all in a neat little package, and guys, you don’t need a Porsche to pick up the ladies…women LOVE this thing.

Already have an SO? She’s going to be thrilled with the cargo space in the rear, nonexistent in other cars this size, and a weekend getaway is well within the capacity of this bantamweight.

160 HP and 7 seconds to 60 MPH don’t sound like a lot, but go-kart handling, high-spirited exhaust note, and sexy styling in and out, make this car seem faster and lots more desirable than a bunch more cars label at twice the price.

While I’m still going to trust American Airlines to get me to the coast, the 2014 Fiat 500 Abarth Convertible is hard to beat for around town driving, or a fun getaway with you and a friend.  A scooter when you want it to be and a hard charging little missile when you need a bit of escape.

Consider the Fiat 500 Abarth Convertible if:IMG_1348 3

  • You are young or young at heart
  • Looking for inexpensive fun
  • Hate zombies





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