About Dave Miller

Hi, I’m Dave Miller…

I am a freelance journalist, dividing my time between Chicago and Los Angeles.

I spent my early career establishing a State Farm insurance agency in Chicago, and my knowledge and passion for cars led to my niche in exotic and classic automobiles.

My passion for cars led to time as Regional Director for the Ferrari Club of America, and Regional Vice-President of the Lamborghini Club of America, (thought most obviously not at the same time!).

In 2010 I combined my affection for writing and cars and DriveWithDave.com was born. Regularly meeting intriguing sports car enthusiast, I expanded my writing to include the people and stories behind the cars. I am fascinated by their stories and grateful to share how these interesting people have come to live the most extraordinary lives.

While becoming an Instagram and Facebook sensation seems all the rage, my writing, interviews and podcasts are focused on a smaller group who still believe in exchanging ideas through peer-to-peer experiences and events.

DriveWithDave.com is about luxury without excess, understated elegance, and timeless…not trendy. From automobiles to homes, international travel, and food & beverage, I’ve become passionate about sharing my experiences and those of trusted sources, to inspire and enrich a shared lifestyle.