“Time and money never sleep”, she is fond of saying.

Her late father was a mechanic, and she spent a great deal of her youth by his side, learning about the mysteries of distributor caps and carburetors. Maybe that’s why Aida Avadisian of O’Gara Coach in Beverley Hills feels women should know the basics of how cars work.

Aida And The Merchandise At O’Gara Beverley Hills

But she sells (mostly to men) one of the most extroverted cars on the planet, Lamborghini.  I caught up with her in Beverley Hills to talk shop.

Q-So who is the average Lamborghini buyer?

Aida-About what you would expect, between 30 and 50, almost exclusively male, obviously well to do, and interested in something different than Ferrari.



Q-What do you enjoy most about working for O’Gara Coach?

Aida- To me, nothing is more fun than selling a man their toy, and it trips guys out when my past car experiences lets me get all “geekie” about what is under the shiny metal. I enjoy talking about power to weight ratios, paddle vs stick and turbo vs normally aspirated, with clients that may not be familiar with all the nuts and bolts.

Aida seems to instantly put you at ease about talking cars, and that’s why I like her.  I’m all over the country at all kinds of dealerships and she doesn’t just talk fabrics, colors and prices, she really talks CARS, and it’s sometimes strange to hear a gal lapse into “car-speak”.

(Like going to a female MD., you’re only nervous until you realize that she’s MORE familiar with the “equipment” than you are…)

Q-And the difference between the Lamborghini buyer and the Ferrari buyer?

Aida-Remember the old story of how Mr. Lamborghini went to see Mr. Ferrari and told him he would like to assist in building better Ferraris?   Ferrari told Ferruccio to keep making tractors and he would take care of building sports cars. 

Lambo guys are a little bit more like Mr. Lamborghini himself.  Lambo guys seem to want to make a very different statement, and since there are always fewer made, a more exclusive statement.  Here’s mud in your eye!


Invisible In Traffic

Q-What’s your secret to success?

I think all successful people are tenacious!  My clients know I am going to instantly call them back. Express interest and she’s going to jump through hoops to land you what you want. 

 I like her because she bad mouths no other marque, she’s a genuine car freak, and wants to have you leave O’Gara Coach thrilled with your purchase.  And if you don’t buy, at least be thrilled with the experience.

An expert in Lamborghini and Aston Martin, able to talk confidently to clients about their specific needs, just before this interview, Aida has also taken on Bentley/Rolls sales. 

Aida points out that O’Gara Coach represent Bugatti, and Ferrari as well.  There is nothing she won’t do to professionally serve her client’s needs, sliding you behind the wheel of what best matches your personality and pocketbook.

“Time and money never sleep” and so it seems, neither does Aida.

In L.A. on business or pleasure, stop by for a ride and tell Aida I sent you!

See you on down the road,


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