It’s coming!

Well sort of…being completed at the speed of an Italian grandma’s pasta sauce, billed by Alfa as a global car, the 4C is being released in hopes of returning the brand to prominence in the US.

“It’s going to have a WOP engine…”, said Sergio Marchionne, head of Alfa development.  The racial slur was more of a backhanded attempt to explain how it will not be Chrysler powered as some had thought, and that Alfa wouldn’t even consider a US power train.

What we do know about the car is:

  • Mid-engine
  • Lots of carbon fiber and aluminum
  • Built in the Modena, Italy plant
  • Will be sold through certain (but not all) Fiat dealerships
  • Only 1000 coming to the US

What we (and it appears Alfa) are less sure about, is the aforementioned propulsion, since all they say  is; 1.7-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine from somewhere in the Fiat parts bin, developing maybe 250hp.

But the 4C is going to be a hit if Alfa can:


  • keep that weight to a proposed 1900 pounds
  • confirm an “as tested” top speed of 155MPH
  • under 5 seconds between 0-60.

Not bad for $45-$50K.

The Alfa 4C might not cause Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to reach for the Xanax, but it should make for interesting conversation at those manufacturers water coolers if sales gain a little traction.

Look for big ads similar to the Charlie Sheen Fiat 500 commercials, although slicker, with an emphasis on connecting a glorious-past-meets-sexy-future.

If Alfa can actually produce it, sell it as a baby F-car, and solve reliability issues is anyone’s guess.  But contrary to popular criticism, placing these in Fiat dealerships is a really clever move.

Who wouldn’t want the success of the Cayman draped in Italian coachwork.

One more come-back attempt for the venerated marque in an era of rapidly changing technology.

Sell 1,000 here (and that seems easy), seriously bump up the horsepower in 18 months, and you’ve got more than water cooler conversation at Porsche.


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