Alfa Romeo 4C struggles…


Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C, isn’t selling, he said, and it looks like they only manage to sell a couple of dozen a month.

Friend Patrick Bowling shot me a question about the low numbers he had seen for the 4C sales.  Impossible I thought, until I remembered I had only seen one or two in the last 6 months, and that’s in L.A.  Did Alfa Romeo 4C Sales Plummet

I never expected Alfa would return to the US market, even after the superb limited production 8C gave hints as to what could be.  Alfa had pulled up shop here in 1995, leaving a passionate group of die-hards awaiting their return.  With racing heritage and Italian flair, Alfa Romeo’s vehicles have always been high on the list for sports car enthusiasts, so maybe fans thought it was worth the wait.

I got some early drives in the Alfa 4C in 2015 went it was first introduced and I liked it a great deal.  Alfa planned to build 3500 4C’s per year back then, proudly pointing to 237HP, 2500 pounds and 0-60 in 4.1 seconds.  Throw in a terrific sounding exhaust note, and it seemed like a slam dunk.

But 20 years is a lifetime in automotive production and lots of other cars filled that gap. At first, Alfisti expressed great interest, but then those die hard fans of Alfa just stopped showing up at dealerships, in spite of a wicked little package and an MSRP of $55,900.

Alfa Romeo 4C

Alfa Romeo 4C

Maybe the FCA Group was more interested in getting the Fiat 500 into the showrooms, or now Alfa Romeo has bigger plans, literally, with the new Giulia and Stelvio.

Today, the average 35 year old has zero connection with Alfa Romeo. When’s the last time you saw an Alfa ad or a 4C in a product placement?  Or any Alfa for that matter?

The brutal true is that as wonderful as these cars are, the average dude who has the cash is going to pop for something else, and that 20 year gap proved too long to pine.

My guess is an aging population isn’t as interested in a harsh riding, claustrophobic interior, no power steering and questionable usability, not to mention an uncertain resale value.

The solution?  Rework the 8C, limit production, and start convincing folks to stand in line again.



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  1. Brady Sadek January 29, 2017 at 7:42 PM - Reply

    Amen, Dave! I put a deposit on the Giulia Quad in Rossi competitions. We’see…..

    • Dave Miller With Lotus GT
      Dave Miller January 30, 2017 at 12:09 AM - Reply

      That’s going to be a great car, Brady, and I am in line to drive one next month.

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