Here is what you MUST know about track driving and your insurance.

For years, sports car clubs sidestepped the insurance provision excluding coverage for timed events, urging folks to bring their cars to the track for DRIVER’S EDUCATION. Lots of claims, many of them total losses.

So insurance companies got smart and inserted a clause that excludes coverage if you are at a place that could facilitate high-speed driving. Loophole closed.

When you signed up for your insurance, your company weighed the odds of you wrapping your supercar around a pole. They did not figure you would be regularly driving your car at 100+ MPH, even if the factory promised you twice that.

And yet there are lots of cars at drivers education events being thrown around corners that demand real skill, regardless of how much electronic wizardry your car possesses.

And please don’t count on your instructor to help you when you screw up. That instructor is there to show you the line (actually, the fastest way around the track), not suspend the immutable laws of physics.

My Tips

  • Assume you are not covered, then do your homework.
  • Get it in writing from your insurance company, NOT your agent. Agents and brokers can’t change corporate policy, no matter what they say, and their word is worthless in court.
  • There are specialty insurance carriers that will sell you limited track insurance on an individual basis. I don’t know the exclusions and endorsements of these policies so check the Internet for what’s available.
  • Buy a track car. You will sleep better, spend a ton less on maintenance, and maybe even go a good bit faster as fear is no longer a factor.

Credit James Martin/CNET for Welcome to Accident

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