Jeremy Clarkson/Simon Cowell…  what do these guys know about cars anyway?
For a long time, I’ve been bitching to everyone in earshot about modern cars and “fun” going their separate ways.
Modern’s faster and safer, but FUN is rapidly surrendering to computer algorithms designed to slide you around corners at speeds best left to the track.
On display in Monte Carlo next month, and a few years after the Jaguar Eagle (see below) comes David Brown’s (no relation to Sir David Brown) Aston-esque SPEEDBACK…. a retro look for the present day.
DB5 inspired, the Speedback has a beautiful shape with 60’s styling and modern mechanicals out of an XKR…bespoke and then some…
  • 560 HP 5 Liter V8
  • 6 speed paddle shift
  • 0-60 4.6 seconds
  • hand built aluminum body
  • flawless finish inside and out
  • Price NOT announced but $350-$750,000 US seems about right

JAGUAR EAGLE: Jeremy Clarkson says: “No one who buys this car is going to expect the last word in precision. What they are going to expect – and what they will get – is half a million pounds’ worth of dreams.”CBDCF2115346B9B98F9FCF6F3BBC Clarkson also went on to say it might be “the most beautiful thing in the world”.

Simon Cowell dumped his Bugatti Veyron for one of these. The hand built Eagle is a replica of the original Jaguar E-Type and opted for by two car guys hell bent on fun. If I was financially in their league (or even a tenth of it) I’d do the same.   article-2582895-1C5DD21900000578-350_1024x615_largeSTATS:

  • aluminium body
  • 4.7 litre straight six producing 310bhp.


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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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