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    TOURific Escapes!

    Laura and I live and work in Chicago AND Los Angeles and great food abounds, but only if you know where to look. So if  you, your team or  family have a little down time in L.A., reward your self with a wonderful tour given by great people (yes, their friends).  Trish and her...

  • Car Gear
    Know Thine Enemy Through Social Media…

    DISCLAIMERS: 1ST-IF YOU ARE USING TRAPSTER, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! 2ND– TRAPSTER IS AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE You see THE MAN and flash your lights to oncoming traffic, letting others know there’s a cop with a radar gun waiting ahead.  Countless times the friendly gesture has saved me a ticket and I’m always happy to return the...

  • Insurance Tips
    What Everyone Should Know…About Winter Insurance

    Stuff happens, but there is acts of God and acts of you.  Being less than divine can occasionally mean errors in your insurance coverage and maybe you just didn’t know, so learn from the experiences of some of my clients. Definitions: COMPREHENSIVE-fire, theft, vandalism, windshields, FLOOD COLLISION-someone runs into you/you run into someone or...

  • Car Events
    The Barrington Concours 2012

    Like trimming the Christmas tree, it takes a while to go from simply putting it up to getting it right and The Barrington Concours is fast approaching being the best dressed tree on the block. “The Barrington Concours is headed back to being a public event starting next year”, says Patty Doud-Schmitz,...

  • Cars
    Driving The Lamborghini Aventador

      You forget the rain and the cold when 4 wheel drive and 700 HP beckons! When I was 15, my friend and I took his dad’s car for a drive; stick shift and a couple of hundred horsepower.  No license, no common sense, BUT driving that car, I was immortal. Today,...

  • Car Experiences
    DUI-A Cop’s Perspective

    “No officer, I  haven’t been drinking”. HOW MUCH BEFORE YOU ARE DUI?  SEE THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM FOR AN ESTIMATE. “Timmy”, is a veteran police officer in the Northwestern suburbs of Chicago.  In the last 13 years he has arrested over 200 impaired drivers. Certified as a Standardized Field Sobriety Test...

  • Car Experiences
    Touring The Aston Martin Factory

    Peter Warner had come from the UK in October to drive The 24 HRS of Lemons at The Autobahn in Joliet with Martin Hancock, Patrick Bowling and Tim Roberts.  Now our “other man in London”, he was nice enough to write the following when he got home: Having returned from the 24 hrs of LeMons...

  • Cars
    Rich Drab Talks Snakes

    Editing wasn’t completed in time for last month’s news letter, but I wanted you to get to know a Chicago guy just like you, rabidly into cars. Rich Drab has always been into fast cars on the street and faster cars on the track, and I ran him down for a brief video interview...

  • Cars
    Lilia Chacon Is Someone You Should Know

    Now the Director of Public Relations for the City of Chicago Treasurer’s Office, Lilia Chacon is far better known for her almost 20 years as an award winning TV reporter for Fox News here in Chicago.  She won a Peabody Award, and an Emmy for her coverage of the Chicago Auto Show. ...

  • Car Gurus
    Ferrari Classiche

    You might not have a TDF in the garage, but you still should at least know the what, why and how of the Ferrari Classiche  (pronounced Class-ee-kay) program. Mercedes has it, Porsche has it, and now Ferrari does as well.  A method of inspecting for authenticity and, if necessary, sourcing or reproducing parts...

  • Cars
    427 SC Cobra Exhaust

    I had planned to post a video interview with Rich Drab , a local native, but the...

  • Cars
    Fico Score=Car Insurance Premiums??

    Bill (not his real name, his real name is Jeff), calls me up and says: “My next door neighbor drives a Veyron, I drive a Mazda Miata, and yet I pay more for insurance than he does. How come”? KNOW THIS Kids, au pairs, your driving habits, etc. , all factor into...

  • Car Experiences
    Jeff Zwart at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

    I won’t tell you his name, but a local is looking to bring a Hill Climb to the Chicago area. Until then, this record breaking run at Pike’s Peak should wet your appetite. great video… especially for those with a “need for speed.” http://vimeo.com/13014363 Thanks Jeff, Will, and Merv Rosen for sending me the...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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