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    Rich Drab Talks Snakes

    Editing wasn’t completed in time for last month’s news letter, but I wanted you to get to know a Chicago guy just like you, rabidly into cars. Rich Drab has always been into fast cars on the street and faster cars on the track, and I ran him down for a brief video interview...

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    Lilia Chacon Is Someone You Should Know

    Now the Director of Public Relations for the City of Chicago Treasurer’s Office, Lilia Chacon is far better known for her almost 20 years as an award winning TV reporter for Fox News here in Chicago.  She won a Peabody Award, and an Emmy for her coverage of the Chicago Auto Show. ...

  • Car Gurus
    Ferrari Classiche

    You might not have a TDF in the garage, but you still should at least know the what, why and how of the Ferrari Classiche  (pronounced Class-ee-kay) program. Mercedes has it, Porsche has it, and now Ferrari does as well.  A method of inspecting for authenticity and, if necessary, sourcing or reproducing parts...

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    427 SC Cobra Exhaust

    I had planned to post a video interview with Rich Drab , a local native, but the...

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    Fico Score=Car Insurance Premiums??

    Bill (not his real name, his real name is Jeff), calls me up and says: “My next door neighbor drives a Veyron, I drive a Mazda Miata, and yet I pay more for insurance than he does. How come”? KNOW THIS Kids, au pairs, your driving habits, etc. , all factor into...

  • Car Experiences
    Jeff Zwart at Pikes Peak Hill Climb

    I won’t tell you his name, but a local is looking to bring a Hill Climb to the Chicago area. Until then, this record breaking run at Pike’s Peak should wet your appetite. great video… especially for those with a “need for speed.” http://vimeo.com/13014363 Thanks Jeff, Will, and Merv Rosen for sending me the...

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    Chris Gardner Pursues Happyness In Cars, Too!

    What do you do once you’ve written your autobiography and it’s turned into a major movie starring Will Smith? I have always said that I’m lucky to have some of the coolest, most influential people in the world as clients.  Known to millions through his books, movie, philanthropy and message, Gardner often...

  • Car Gear
    Vintage Plates

      Illinois Bill to Expand Use of Antique Vehicles Signed Into Law   Legislation (H.B. 3256) to provide for an expanded-use antique vehicle registration class that would allow antique vehicles and replicas to be driven without limitation during the warmer part of the year (April 1 through October 31) was signed into...

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    The Oxygen Mask For Your Car

    INSURANCE TIPS You’re driving the Italia, Miura, Alfa, and suddenly find yourself by the side of the...

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    Ghost "Riders"

    Meadowdale Raceway was a 3.27 mile road course race track which opened for its first race on September 14, 1958, and some of the biggest names in racing have competed there.  It’s still walkable, or at least a good bit of it, located within Raceway Woods near the corners of Route 31 and Huntley Road...

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    Porsche Driving School At The Autobahn

    Judd Blunk is the Regional Manager for Porsche here and he covers a lot of ground supervising the activities of 16 locations throughout the Midwest.  A busy man.  But he gave me a little time and we discussed Porsche’s past, present (in this case, the Porsche Sport Driving School) and the future (I’m sworn...

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    150 Countries By Motorcycle

    Dave writes—When I was 20, I rode from Chicago to Acapulco, Mexico on a 900 cc Harley Sportster.  The 1st day I rode 600 miles.  The second day I managed 35 miles and spent the rest of that day in a bath tub filled with ice.   Burt Richmond of Chicago has done 150...

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    The Senna Movie

    Playing at: landmarktheatres.com 2828 North Clark Street Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 509-4949

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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