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    5 Sports Cars To Buy Now

    If you are interested in cars that won’t loose half their value by the fall, consider the following list.  After talking to owners, dealers and mechanics, I’ve come up with these: Aston Vantage 4.3 or 4.7  Grand Tourning with miles of style and lots of space, argueably one of the handsomest cars...

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    Top 10 Things I Learned While Driving Lemons

    10. You are too slow if you are getting passed by the tow truck 9.  I was...

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    24 Hours Of Lemons-POSTSCRIPT

      I had never done wheel to wheel racing until this and the experience was phenominal.  Sliding,...

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    DUI; A Criminal Attorneys’ Perspective

    The 1st in a series, next time: A Cops’ Thoughts On DUI Fred Dry is a friend and client of mine.  Ferrari owner, amateur road racer, and criminal attorney,  I asked him to give us his thoughts on DUI traffic stops. Fred writes; You’ve had just one drink. You know you are not drunk!  You are...

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    Start-up Marketing And The Venice Ale House

    A very successful ad exec once gave me a little advice;  “know your customers, understand their needs, and give them more than they asked for.” I expected cold beverages, adequate service, and an OK burger. Instead I got a huge variety of micro brew beers, a wonderful selection of wines, an over the top wait-staff, with gastro-pub food at reasonable...

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    Lamborghini Reventon, Nera, And Aventador

    In Beverly Hills, I’m sitting in $1.8 million worth of carbon fiber wondering how much I can talk them down. My opening bid was less than they wanted to hear, as was my final offer.  A styling exercise, this car is number 9 of about 20 built.  It’s interesting but like being...

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    24 Hours Of Lemons And Me

    I’ve been drafted to drive the 24hrs of Lemons.  Not to be confused with the race in France, this one is deadly serious. Recruited strictly as a handicap , the team I am driving with had won the event last year at Ginger Man, were ordered to bring in Andre, the blind dwarf from...

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    My Digs Are Better Than Your Digs

    I travel a lot and no matter how nice the place, a hotel is just a hotel, ...

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    Before You Buy Your Next Sports Car…part 2

    BEFRIEND A MECHANIC Yes, the guy who is going to adjust, tune or (God forbid) fix your car, is right now fixing one just like it, or fixed one just like it last week.  A good mechanic will tell you what went wrong, but a great mechanic will tell you why, and...

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    March Madness And Your Car Battery

    The NCAA Tournament isn’t the only March madness at hand. The 1st type of car madness, spurred on by a particularly nasty winter, has sports car owners all over Chicago anxiously consulting the weather channels for the first hint of dry, salt free road. The 2nd type of March Madness is worse as it often lingers into...

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    5 Things You Must Do Before You Buy Your Next Sports Car… part 1

    Over the past 20 years I have owned three Ferraris and just sold the Lamborghini, putting me back in the hunt for my next fun ride.  Because of my business, I’m always in contact with hundreds of owners of exotic, classic , and sports machinery, and their experiences, and my thoughts, just might be of...

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    Road Racing 101 And Dimostra Automuseo

    Dave Nawrocki, founder of Dimostra Automuseo, wants you to become a part of a unique on-line museum, dedicated to luscious photography and wonderful narrative of cars you and I are interested in. “At Dimostra, we digitally archive the documentation and records of a collector car, professionally photograph a car and feature the...

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    New Tesla S

      If you haven’t driven a TESLA yet, I hope it is not my fault. Late last fall,...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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