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    Derringer Motor Bikes

      Made At The Intersection Of Nostalgia And Adrenaline     I came across Derringer Motor Bikes on the plane and it was something I just had to share.   Why didn’t I think of this?  A little something else to lust after, these little bikes may not have much displacement, but...

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    Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta By Pininfarina

    I got a note from a reader regarding the new Jaguar F-type and that he remembered seeing the Italian version a little while back. Nosing around led me to this little Alfa from the Geneva auto show, 2010. Pininfarina has been cranking out some of the best designs on earth for more...

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    Green Machines

      If you’ve been paying any attention to automotive developments, you know that GREEN is rushing forward at the speed of light, and manufacturers are so serious about this that they arranged for all of the media to drive electric cars around the streets surrounding the L.A. convention center. One to consider and one...

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    New McLaren Spyder Best Car In The World?

    New McLaren Spyder I drove the coupe back in the spring and the car is absolutely stunning from both a performance and looks standpoint, but hanging the title, “Best Car In The World”, is just asking for trouble. Written by a Brit for a British publication, Neil Lyndon of The Telegraph, none...

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    New McLaren MC Can-Am Announced

    Disclaimer:  If the standard McLaren is a little too tame AND you have a garage at the track, consider jumping in line for the just announced McLaren Can-Am. In obvious homage to the Canadian-American Challenge races that McLaren dominated in the late 60’s and 70’s, the car will probably not be road...

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    Driven: Ranger Rover And Ranger Rover Evoque

    I always enjoy back-to-back drives and I recently got the opportunity to sample the full size Ranger Rover and the Ranger Rover Evoque. People buy Ranger Rovers for status, prestige and luxury and trust me, you’ll never have a discussion with an owner about mundane things like cornering grip or 0-60 times.  It...

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    What Makes You Tick?

    Watch guys and cars seem to go together, and while I have no idea what’s currently “hot”,...

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    Buy This Now: Benz 280 SL

        If your coulda, woulda, shoulda stories stretch as long as mine, it’s time we starting taking car buying a little more seriously. So if you’ve kicked yourself for not purchasing a (insert your own dismal tale here), it’s my civic duty to keep your future use of Kleenex to colds...

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    Google Exec Wins 599XX In Ferrari Charity Bid

    Google executive Benjamin Sloss was the high bidder and walked away with a Ferrari 599XX, auctioned off by the factory. In response to the earthquakes that devastated Emilia Romagna earlier this year, Ferrari’s fund raising included the auction of various bits of memorabilia, the largest bit being this yellow, track ready Evo....

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    Driven: Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon

    Somebody needs to tell the guys at Cadillac that cars are supposed to be a trade-off between fun and practicality, because lots of people there obviously didn’t get that memo.   I had run in to Connie Burke from General Motors back in the spring and she was kind enough to lend...

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    Renting A Vintage Alfa In Italy

    Modern man thinks he is wasting time if he doesn’t do things in a hurry. But knows not what to do with the time he gains, except kill it”-— Erich Fromm     The reason you drive an exotic is for the experience.  As fast as a Veyron is, you can get to...

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    Hands On With The Most Frightening Lamborghini Ever

    I sold my Gallardo a while ago and it’s a car I will always miss.  Replacing it...

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    Tesla S Driven

      Tesla Motors is never going to be able to fill orders when people start seeing and driving the new Tesla S.  Yes, it’s just that good. I was out of town and missed the normal media drives, but Shanna Hendriks, communications manager for Tesla Motors in Palo Alto, California, kindly squeezed me...

Dave Miller regularly drives and reviews the fastest, coolest, sexiest cars on the planet.

Dave travels around the world collecting stories about the incredible machines and extraordinary people who drive, own and love exotic and classic sports cars.

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