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Automotive Espresso Machines

Flat 6 automobile coffee machine



Coffee in the morning is more than just caffeine. It’s the aroma, the cup, the process. From SuperVeloce comes timeless masterpieces, adding a visual component guaranteed to excite, with automotive and aviation inspired coffee machines.

Espresso machines have been around forever, first in the coffee shops, but now in the kitchens of those that relish both the barista experience and the exquisite pleasure of never leaving home to enjoy those sights and sounds. Although the basics of all espresso machines are the same; hot, pressurized water is forced through coffee bean grounds, all espresso machines are obviously not created equal.

Italian manufactured, South African based SuperVeloce has been producing beautiful, functional espresso machines for years, seeking to marry the look of sporting cars and engines with inspiring looking machines. Carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium transform the mundane into works of art, dedicated to making your trips to the kitchen as visually stimulating as the beverages brewed.

Beautifully crafted, with many optional engines to explore, from 1990s-era Formula 1 V-12 race engines to machines derived from jet engines, colors and materials vary greatly according to one’s tastes, as do prices.

Some of these machines weigh as much as 50 pounds and require a good bit of space, so carefully consider where your machine is going to sit.

Whether you can actually tell the difference between the espresso from an inexpensive unit and one from SuperVeloce is open to debate but I’m frankly intrigued with the idea of waking up to a V12  or Flat-6 bit of car on my counter.

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