Bremont Jag XK120 MKII Chronograph Continues Jag Homage…


Bremont Jag XK120 MKII Chronograph

Bremont Jag XK120 MKII Chronograph

A 1963 Jaguar Lightweight E-Type just sold for $7.4 million in Arizona, making it the highest price ever paid for one of the only 12 Lightweight racing machines ever built, and sister car to the two Lightweight E-types led the field in the GT 4.0 class and number 23.  In Old English White with bold red and blue stripes, number 23 crossed the finish line first at a Sebring race and that same number 23’s victory is still celebrated today.

Inspired by the Jaguar marque and these famous racing cars, watchmaker Bremont teamed up with Jaguar to reveal their latest creation, the MK ll chronograph.

The 43mm, polished stainless steel case – fitted with a double-domed crystal to enhance the vintage appearance of the watch is made entirely in the UK by Bremont, and feels almost as if they had been designed alongside the car back in the 60s.”

The white-dialed watch face is a similar design to the existing black-faced dial but adds a tachymeter dial ring useful in measuring speed.  The MKII also has new hands and a red stitched ‘racing’ leather strap, in homage to the red racing stripes which adorned the number 23 car at Sebring.

This is a new addition to Bremont’s existing Jaguar range of watches and sure to attract the attention of those interested in both Jaguar and racing watches.

Giles English, Bremont co-founder, said, “Bremont has enjoyed a very special relationship with Jaguar over the years. Nick and myself have always loved the old E-types and were thrilled to be a part of the Lightweight story in 2014 when Jaguar completed the production run of these 18 original racing cars from the 60s. The Sebring has such a lovely story in its own right, having won its class in 1963, so seemed a natural source of inspiration for our new MKII release.”

The MKII model is designed to instantly transport the wearer back to the golden era of 1960s sports car motoring.


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