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Undoubtedly an impulse buy for those who have just purchased a Chiron, why not strap a bike rack on the back of your new machine and grab the newest creation from Bugatti, the PG Bugatti Bike.

This special bicycle came about as a collaboration between Bugatti and the luxury bicycle manufacturer, PG.

Modeled after the Bugatti Chiron hypercar, the cycle is a svelte 11 pounds due to extensive use of carbon fiber and God knows what else.  And each one of those precious pounds is going to cost you about $3,600.

Special shock absorption bars and aerodynamic tubing designed just for the PG Bugatti Bike contribute to road handling and comfort.

But $39,000?  Not to be confused with the everyday conveyance that 50% of the population knows how to ride, the Bugatti bike isn’t meant to be ridden as much as displayed, probably hung next to the Veyron, Chiron, or Type 35 in some lucky dude’s garage.

Bugatti Seat In Any Material

Bugatti Seat In Any Material

Bugatti has had a long history of producing exquisite art and furniture starting with Carlo Bugatti, father of sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti and, of course, Ettore Bugatti, who’s cars are works of art in themselves.

The company is only producing 667 bikes, and rumor has it, nearly all are spoken for.

Bugatti Bicycle

Bugatti Bicycle

As an aside, Copenhagen, Denmark is considered the most bike friendly city in the world.  Known as the “City of Cyclists”, more than 50% of the population uses a bicycle for daily transportation, but I’m betting you will see few of the Bugatti bikes chained up outside a bar.

And lest you think this PG Bugatti bike is expensive, here’s a peek at the 11 most expensive bikes in the world.:


Video courtesy of Bugatti PG Bugatti bike

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