Bugatti Bolide Is $3,000,000 Track-Only Extravaganza

Bugatti Bolide

Bugatti Bolide photo courtesy Road & Track

Like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc, Bugatti is putting out new models faster than Apple puts out new iPhones.  Consider the Bolide, Bugatti’s answer to hyper-rich club racing.

As opposed to the new Mercedes AMG GT Black Series (Mercedes AMG GT Black Series) the new Bugatti Bolide is a track-only car that takes inspiration from the oldest racing adage in the book; less weight and more horsepower means theoretically faster track times.

Let’s put things into context.  The new Bugatti Bolide:

  • weighs 2733 pounds or about the weight of a new Mini Cooper.
  • 1825 HP equals 2.17 sec to 60 which makes it faster than a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon and the quickest Tesla S with Ludicrous or something or other.
  • Porsche smashed the overall lap record at the Ring with a time of 5:19.55 minutes in a 919 Hybrid Evo... the Bolide which can hypothetically lap the Nordschleife in 5 minutes and 23 seconds according to simulations, and Bugatti engineers can simulate with the best of them.

Focusing on minimal weight and maximum downforce, Bugatti continues to use the 8.0-litre W16 quad-turbo engine but makes the following changes.


The turbochargers have optimised blades to build more boost pressure and power, the intake and exhaust system have been dethrottled to achieve a more spontaneous and faster response. There is air to air intercooling with water pre-cooling for optimal performance on the race track. The two water coolers are positioned in a such a way that is seen in F1 cars. Getting the car to slow down, the team at Bugatti has fitted the car with racing brakes with ceramic discs.

To bring the weight down, there is a carbon monocoque, all the screw and fastening elements of the Bolide are made completely out of titanium, hollow, thin-walled functional components made of an aerospace titanium alloy are used. This isn’t a Bugatti that we have become accustomed to, a show of opulence and luxury – the Bolide is a bonafide track special. It is the same height as the Type 35 – 995mm, Bugatti’s most successful racing cars ever. Similar to a LMP1 car, the doors swing up, to offer a small aperture for the driver to fold into and the entire vehicle is fitted with safety equipment as per FIA regulations and every LMP1 car needs a compressed-air-driven jack system with four rams making tyre changing easier, a quick refueling system allows pressure refueling.

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