Bugatti Chiron at Start

Bugatti Chiron at Start


Bugatti Chiron Wasn’t The Fastest; See Below

I sent them a check for $500 just to hold my place in line, but the money was returned along with a cease and desist letter.  Fine, I don’t need your $2.5M car anyway.

This past weekend, the newest Bugatti was unleashed in front of huge crowds at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. As the most powerful and fastest production super sports car in the world, everyone was excited to watch British racing driver and Le Mans winner Andy Wallace pilot the Chiron over the 1.16 mile course.


LeMans Winner Andy Wallace

LeMans Winner Andy Wallace

So how did the Chiron do? Obviously not a balls to the wall, pedal to the metal run that everyone wanted to see, but Bugatti got a chance to showcase the 1500 HP, sub-2.5 sec to 60 machine.  Top end? Rumored to be somewhere between 260 and 288 MPH.


Bugatti Chiron at Goodwood

Bugatti Chiron at Goodwood


Excessive as it is, I’ve always liked the Bugatti Veyron and the new Chiron promises the outstandingly outrageous Bugatti line continues full speed.

By the way, the fastest time at Goodwood this year wasn’t an incredible McLaren P1 LM, but an 860 hp Subaru Impreza that rocketed up the hillclimb in 46.29 seconds.

Fastest time ever?  Watch Nick Heidfeld’s drive in a McLaren Formula 1

Oh yes, interested parties should send in your own idea of a deposit here:

Marie-Louise Fritz
Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.
Tel: +49 5361 9 15513
Mobil: +49 152 577 054 58


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