Bugatti TIDAL Speakers

Bugatti TIDAL Speakers

Anyone familiar with the Bugatti brand knows not just the cars but the art and style of the marque, stretching back to founder Carlo Bugatti.  Often overlooked due to his son Ettore’s incredible automobiles, his flair for designing and creating was a never ending process throughout his life.  From exotic furniture to bicycles, Carlo was the king of fantastic.

Carlo Bugatti

Carlo Bugatti

Now, Bugatti is unveiling a beautiful set of floor speakers that no doubt stand as the ultimate in home high fidelity.  In collaboration with German manufacturer TIDAL Audio, Bugatti continues its passion to create a total lifestyle for their clients, built around the ultimate automotive brand.

Eye-poppingly priced to most, the audiophile with money to spare and a passion for both the Bugatti brand and cutting edge technology, will quietly lobby Tidal to secure an early delivery spot.  

In collaboration with the German manufacturer TIDAL, a new sound from Bugatti and a new chapter of performance and lifestyle has arrived, with an exclusive range of products that are as multi-sensory as our top-of-the-range hyper sports cars. These incomparable objects are engineered, designed, and meticulously hand-made for the ultimate emotional experience in your home…The Royale Speakers

The name Royale is not just a name—it honors one of the most prestigious models in Bugatti history. But just as the groundbreaking car defined a new era, never before has a loudspeaker audio system combined such high levels of design, finish, and performance.


Priced between $320,000-620,000

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