01/07 For those who couldn’t find an original… “Jaguar 60 Edition” Bespoke design elements include a commemorative E-type 60 logo, which adorns the hood badge, fuel cap, chassis plate and clock face in the tachometer developed in conjunction with Julian Thomson, Jaguar Design Director. Custom-designed engraved center consoles by artist King Nerd celebrate the epic road […]


01/08 Jenson Button Drives Lotus Emira “Jenson Button ” I’m always impressed by Lotus Many of us have a secret coffee house that the Starbucks crowd has yet to descend on.  We feel smugly satisfied in going a different way, even if it’s out of the way, and the same can be said of Lotus.  It’s a […]


01/06 The battle ship of Bentleys, the Bentayga has been handed a serious redo by the German tuner firm, Mansory, with upgrades all around. Interior, exterior and performance tweaks transform the rather staid Bentayga into a butt-kicking, cooler looking machine, and all’s the better for it. 02/06 Mansory Bentayga I’ve always found driving a Bentayga […]

Ginetta G4

Lotus Evora GT Lotus Evora GT Lotus Evora GT

Lotus Evora GT

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