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In case you’ve already smoked the cigars you intended to gift your mother last month, we have another gift buying holiday quickly approaching. Is there such thing as a giftable cigar?  One could argue that it’s too personal to buy someone else a cigar, because your not sure what their palate is or what they smoked last. That’s true but there are some cigars that are more giftable then others.  Let me start out by saying that this message is not endorsed by any manufacturer;  I am just a humble cigar enthusiast who has been seen smoking up to eight cigars in the same day.

I ascribe to the life mantra, “shake a mans hand and he will say he’s glad to meet you. Give a man a cigar and he will call you friend for life”. So this June 18th let’s buy our cigar smoking dads the type of cigar that makes them feel like they just won the Super Bowl from that very first draw.

Undercrown Shade:  This specific shade I brought back from Puro Sabor, the annual Nicaraguan Tobacco festival in Esteli. The smoke is as chewy and the tobacco as sweet as and Undercrown Shade in your local tobacconist.  At first glance the Connecticut wrapper would give you the impression that its going to be light but, Drew Estate Cigars being one of the Premier cigar manufacturers on the planet, blended this cigar to be medium bodied in strength, so for those of you who prefer a full body, you will find the Undercrown Shade equally satisfying.

A Great Smoke

A Great Smoke

I never meet a My Father I didn’t like.

The cigar scene in Miami is outstanding and if you haven’t indulged, put some airline tickets to (MIA) in your father’s day card. Buy papa The El Centurion H-2K-CT, an absolute perfect draw that unloads a heap of smoke from first puff. The cigar is box pressed in appearance and I have smoked it at various times in the day. In other words, it pairs as well with an early tee time as it does with a late night bourbon.

What if he already has all the cigars his humidor can hold?  Then buy him a travel humidor. I am grateful for my Xikar 205BLXi 5 cigar travel humidor case as the best 23 bucks I ever spent on Amazon. It’s extremely functional and has withstood me sitting on it, and it being dropped more times then my cell phone. Xikar is affordable, quality, and they have a lifetime warranty on all their products. Simply register your product on their website and mail it in. Anytime I have mailed in a cutter to be sharpened they have just sent me a new one. They also offer personal engraving for that special Father’s Day message.

Smoke all the good cigars first and Happy Fathers Day!

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Amanda Graf, believes cigars are the perfect accessory for everyday life. She loves meeting fellow #SOTL and other Cigar enthusiasts and claims that Cigars are the great equalizer when it comes to making new connections. Amanda is the Drive With Dave Cigar expert, a Cigar Rights of America Member and the Committee Chair for the North Shore Men's Health Initiative Premier Cigar Fundraiser Havana Day Dreaming benefiting Northwestern Medicines Feinberg School of Medicine. To follow Amanda's cigar adventures and get the latest scoop on her favorite blends and cigar innovations, look for future posts on Drive With Dave and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

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