Grace Jones Citroen Commercial

Grace Jones Citroen Commercial



You can’t just like quirky, you have to fly a serious freak flag to consider a Citroen.

After lots of hints over the past few years, Citroen says it expects to return to the USA by 2020.

Even car guys have to scratch around to get the Citroen spelling correct and you’re forgiven if you haven’t been following French automotive news.  As for cocktail conversation to impress your buddies; DS is the Maybach of the Citroen brand, their luxury take on French high-end spun off a couple of years ago from Peaugot, producing the DS3, 4, 5, and for the Chinese, the DS6.  

Citroen 3cv

Citroen 3cv

IF this gets of the ground, Citroen may also round back on bringing their idea of a Morris Mini to the states.  Dubbed the 3CV or trois chevaux, a tiny car could be a real winner with upscale folks chasing a fresh new face.

Also in the works, an E-Tense electric sports car along the lines of the Tesla S, with a carbon fiber tub and a couple of batteries.  0-60 of 4.5 seconds and 155 mile/hr top speed, this car is more of an idea than serious concept, but everyone will be making an all-electric machine soon, so get ready for the French version.

Citroen DS-E-Tense-Concept

Citroen DS-E-Tense-Concept


I’m planning a story on a DS21 living in the L.A. area and a road test of the Citroen Maserati SM this spring.



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