George Clooney is off the market! He has not only changed his Facebook status to “married”, but he also may be looking for something more than just a sports car. Being an affluent baby boomer, leaning towards a luxury crossover might be a direction he is looking to go in.

While the coveted under 30 market is the future of advertisers bent, the 55-65 demographic is holding all the cards financially, and where they go and what they want is at the forefront of where luxury car manufacturers are headed.


The “why” is obvious; the older crowd is downsizing every aspect of their lives, including how they drive.

As upscale baby boomers are now interested in 2000 square feet of home (in the $400 to $500 per square foot range), they are also going smaller on luxury SUV’s, especially smaller crossovers. This age group isn’t interested in giving up style or comfort in exchange for size.


There’s also a good bit of double dipping here, as the younger crowd is also in the market for small and fuel efficient, so the affluent younger crowd will be pulled in this direction as well.


If you’re in the market, here are my picks in no particular order for the best and newest stuff out there:



 MERCEDES GLA: 2.0L, 355HP, 7 Speed Auto, MSRP $48,000

thumbnail-1  AUDI Q3: 2.0L, 200HP, 6 Speed Auto, MSRP $34,500


LEXUS NX: 2.0L/2.5L Hybrid, 235HP, 6 Speed Auto, MSRP $40,000


PORSCHE MACAN S DIESEL: 3.0L, 260HP, 7 Speed Auto, MSRP $50,000




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Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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