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New Direction for Continental AutoSports…

People usually cite death and taxes as the only certainties in life, often overlooking the other big certainty; change.  This year, Continental AutoSports has changed by deciding to only concentrate on doing what they do best, and in a word, it’s Ferrari.  

Representing one of the apex brands on the planet not only brings cache, but with that a responsibility to their clients who make up a very special segment of the sports car market.

The successes that Continental AutoSports has enjoyed over the last decades has now allowed them time to re-examine their niche, and releasing the Maserati brand has enabled the dealership to refocus on the ever-changing needs of their clientele.

First and foremost has always been Continental’s expertise in matching the individual needs of Ferrari aficionados with just the right car.  Whether they are a first time buyer or a seasoned collector, Continental AutoSports always starts with the question, “what do you want to do with your car?”

Tod Ruoti Master Tech at Continental AutoSports

Tod Ruoti Master Tech at Continental AutoSports and the finer points of Classiche

Just as importantly has been the time invested in honing the unique skills necessary to make available one of the finest service teams in the world.  As Ferrari Classiche becomes an increasingly more important program to Ferrari owners, technicians will now be able to turn more of their time to this sought after certification process that ensures the correct maintenance and repair of Ferrari cars over 20 years old.

An Enzo Tribute At Continental AutoSports

Enzo Tribute At Continental AutoSports

And lastly, everyone at Continental AutoSports understands the social nature of the Ferrari brand and the importance of bringing clients together.  From track days and new model unveilings, to international events like the Ferrari Challenge, you are joining one of the most exclusive clubs in the world with Ferrari ownership, and special events are always happening so make sure to check on Continental’s website and newsletter.

Oh and one final tip, there are occasional pizza lunches on Friday back in the service department.  If you schedule a test drive or you just happen to be in the neighborhood, give them a call to make sure there’s pizza, grab a slice, and chat Ferraris with one of the best dealerships in the world.

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