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Photo courtesy Autoblog

Photo courtesy Autoblog

One of Aston Martin’s most iconic models, the DB4GT is to be celebrated with a special series of 25 track-only continuation cars built to lightweight specification by Aston Martin in Newport Pagnell, in what can only be called a fusion of classic design and contemporary methods.

A true supercar of its day, the Aston Martin DB4GT was shorter and lighter than the normal DB4.

A more powerful straight-six cylinder engine with two spark plugs per cylinder, transmit its 340bhp to the rear wheels through a four-speed manual transmission and limited-slip differential, just as in the original DB4GT.

Not only was the DB4GT Britain’s fastest passenger sports car, it was a born winner, scoring a debut race victory at Silverstone in the hands of Sir Stirling Moss. A total of 75 DB4GT’s were built between 1959 and 1963. Of these only eight were lightweight models, most of which survive today, and they are stratospheric in cost.



Remaining faithful to the design of those original eight factory lightweights, each DB4GT continuation will be built with Aston Martin Works’ unrivalled experience and exemplary attention to detail, with thin-gauge aluminum panels fitted over a tubular frame.

Employing a blend of old world craftsmanship and modern techniques, continuation cars benefit from improvements in engine performance, handling, braking and safety, with great care taken to ensure these enhancements build upon the original’s exceptional qualities while retaining its feel and character.

Underlining that authenticity are the continuation car VIN numbers, which carry on from the last original DB4GT ordered – Chassis 0202R – for an unbroken bloodline.

Factory photo

Factory photo

Depending on the fluctuating Pound, the price should be right around $2M a pop.

Included with the price of the DB4GT is the use of professional instructors and Le Mans winners to help customers master the driving technique of this machine.

First deliveries of DB4GT Continuation will commence in the 3rd QTR of 2017.



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