Casting About Short Term or Long?

The Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve, Portugal  photo courtesy Can Stock Photo Inc. / mike66

No matter what side of the political fence you call home, this election year has been a cortisol-inducing struggle between good and evil, with the evil being alcohol and the good being ibuprofen.  I’ve had serious conversations with others about the US vs Canada vs fill-in-the-blank, with some suggesting it’s time to leave.

Canada’s too damned cold, and their national sport is ice hockey, probably because you can play it most anywhere, anytime.  Mexico, warm enough, but dangerous in way that Canadians can’t even fathom.

There are alternatives that might make more sense, especially for the well heeled.

Golden Passports

Unfortunately, Cyprus just shelved their Golden Passport, which was actually a deal. Former Google CEO and family Sheltering in Cyprus, were all recently welcomed to Cyprus with their “Citizenship by Investment” program that waved in foreigners who put down between $2 million and $3 million worth of investment, like, say, a home.

Malta is still open, as of my research, and much the same, it’s pay to play.  But they speak English, it’s literally a short plane ride to anywhere in the Mediterranean, and the country is very inexpensive once you’re there.

Malta Citizenship By Investment

Extended Travel Visas

Image by © Ben Welsh/Design Pics/Corbis

If you’re not quite ready to jump ship yet, there are some very attractive alternatives, especially if you have the ability to work anywhere in the world, covid be damned.  There are some requirements, of course.  You can’t show up homeless, destitute, or a fugitive, but there are a surprising number of countries that are offering extended travel visas that will let you plug in the laptop for as long as a couple of years working remotely

Your Cheat Sheet courtesy

The Points Guy has done all the heavy lifting and if you travel, someone you need to follow.

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