Second-Generation NSX Debuts at SEMA

ScienceofSpeed NSX

ScienceofSpeed NSX

Second Gen NSX “Dream Project” to debut at SEMA this year, and mods like this likely to help the slow selling NSX.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why this car isn’t the darling of the sports car world.  But here comes SciencofSpeed, located in Chandler, Arizona, to the rescue.

ScienceofSpeed NSX

ScienceofSpeed NSX

ScienceofSpeed started out building exhaust systems back in 2001 and now they unleash a very light exhaust system for the Second Generation NSX.

Combining this high-flow exhaust with liquid injected intercooling further ups engine performance by cooling intake air before it enters the twin-turbochargers, and boosts power output to a combined 610 horsepower and 507 lb.-ft. torque.

Handling is improved with wide five-spoked Advan wheels and these are wrapped in race-ready Pirelli Trofeo R tires.

Lowered by an inch, ScienceofSpeed integrated automatic sensing suspension technology from iLIFT which uses patented sensors to automatically raise the front axle of the NSX two-inches when obstacles are detected.

NSX Recaro Racing Seats

NSX Recaro Racing Seats

Throw in a pair Recaro Pole Position ABE Racing Seats and a great looking aeros package and you’ve got a very serious machine.

From Chris Willson, general manager of ScienceofSpeed, “Devoted NSX fans share in a rich 27-year history, and with the second generation NSX reaching the aftermarket community, now is an extraordinary time to be an NSX enthusiast. We are thrilled to share our passion for this iconic platform.”

2nd Gen NSX "Dream Project"

2nd Gen NSX “Dream Project”

Alright Acura, let’s start building these…

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