Blistering speed…

Like the bumble bee that shouldn’t be able to, the rear engine Porsche, with its engine hanging off the tail, shouldn’t be able to do the amazing things it does.  Yet bee and car both fly.

And let’s be clear about the flying part; a 1979 911 Turbo would do 0-60 in 4.9 seconds when a 12 cylinder Ferrari 512 BB would cover the same ground in 5.4 seconds.

Porsche 930 Turbo

Porsche 930 Turbo

A supercar from another era, Porsches have always been made in lots of varieties but the Turbo owes much of its brawn to Porsche’s road racing experience with the famous 917 Can-Am cars.

Bumped to 3.3 Liters, the flat 6 produces 300 HP through the use of a track tested air-to-air intercooler that stuffs cold air into engine, while big 917-derived brakes helped slow the beast down from a 160 MPH top end.

Wide wheel arches, wider body, and a tea-tray spoiler announce this as the bad boy of the Porsche line-up,and frankly the car Porsche enthusiasts and sports car collectors, are after today.

Driving the 930 is a tutorial on simplicity.  A rumbly exhaust settles down to a steady hum and after a bit of warm up, you lift your left foot off the very light clutch, and the Porsche shoots down the road.  A drivers car in the extreme, the 930 Turbo manages to combine vintage experience with modern car performance.

Forget what you’ve heard about turbo lag; the larger 3.3 liter motor fixed most of the jolt that used to occur around 3000 RPM’s, and the kick in the back you get is welcomed, not scary.

Forced to retired the turbo in 1979 due to changing emissions laws, the front engine 928 was to replace the rear engine 911’s, but the world wouldn’t have it, and the 911 Turbo was resurrected in 1986.

930 Interior

930 Interior

Now vintage Porsches, especially the Turbos, command huge prices in exchange for still incredible performance.

Very few cars can begin to match the excitement of the Porsche 930 and it’s simply a car everyone should drive if for nothing more than bragging rights when you’re with other car enthusiasts.

We are all going to look back in a few years and consider present prices a steal.

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