Mercedes AMG GTS Is A Supercar


Somewhere north of age 40, sports car owners add comfort to pace and styling when it comes to choosing their conveyance, as the realization that absolute speed is the stuff of race tracks, not busy streets.   So let me get this “trivia” out of the way immediately; 0-60 in around 3.5 seconds, top speed +199.  Blah, blah, blah…

What is exciting is that I had missed the memo when Mercedes had written to the world about their plans for mass-producing an instant classic, a car that would be tucked away in garages many years from now, its happy owners content with a drive here and a drive there.  That’s the Mercedes Benz GTS AMG.





Perfectly proportioned, handsome from any angle, it’s a good deal smaller than it looks in pictures, and subjectively, a welcomed relief from the old SLS.


Thankfully Mercedes has affixed normal doors and avoided the temptation of gull wings.  It cuts down on costs and seriously, their time has past.  Though not technically an exotic, the GTS AMG is noticeable on the street as something different, something cool.  People notice.  Solid hints of the old MB gull wings draw people’s attention with a timeless look that remind us that the Chrysler Building will never get old while the Petronas Towers are already so.

Elongated hood and beautiful green house trail back to a smallish but oh so sexy rear end.  Devoid of anything extraneous, the organic shape says “sporting” not “sports”.



In one word: perfection. Those normal doors close solidly as you sink into wonderfully luxurious sports seats.  Tight but at my weight perfect, the aircraft like cockpit of a 1930’s era plane comes to mind with 8 push buttons commanding a large central console combining a retro feel with modern technology.  Simple, snug, elegant…


I’m hustling between turns at Road America in Wisconsin.  Riding shotgun is a pro driver from Mercedes, patiently pointing out when I’m carrying too much speed, and where the GTS can go much, much deeper into a corner.  30 minutes of hot laps and the car inspires confidence that is normally honed, not handed to you.  Balanced between the angry noises, great turn in and very little body roll, I’m capable of safely traveling far above my abilities.  Once on the street, the AMG is as comfortable as an S-Class; subdued, luxurious, elegant, happy to transport you to the office yet equally at home ripping down the Autobahn.

Fastest Mercedes ever?  According to the Stig the AMG GTS was, turning a 1:17 around Top Gear’s famous home turf, making it the fastest MB ever tested there.


  • twin turbo V8
  • 503 HP
  • 7 speed auto
  • Price: about $150,000

Label it apostasy but speed AND comfort isn’t alway a bad way to travel and understanding that you don’t have to be the fastest kid on the block anymore is better described as maturity rather than age.



PS: Spending less, but…soon to arrive is the slightly tamer version, the AMG GT, down 50 HP but only 2-tenths of a second slower to the almighty 0-60 time, is soon to be released at $130,000.

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