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Alfa Romeo GTC


1965 Alfa Romeo GTC

1965 Alfa Romeo GTC

In 1965, small batches of cars made sense and, to Alfa Romeo, an open top on their incredibly successful Giulia Sprint would turn the coupe into everyone’s dreams of Sophia Loren, the Amalfi Coast, and the unrestrained sounds of an Alfa exhaust.

The bodies were originally built by Bertone, but the venerated coach builder, Carrozzeria Touring, was chosen to transform the coupe’s lines into a cabriolet utilizing their superleggera (lightweight) construction methods.

Alfa GTC

Alfa GTC

Touring of Milan was famous for creating some of the most beautiful car bodies in the world, constructing the Ferrari166 MM, as well as Aston Martin DB-4 and 5, and various Lamborghini and Maserati designs.

With the top removed, the Alfa Romeo GTC offered exotic and expensive looks, exactly what Alfa had hoped for when it turned the project over to Touring, and top up or down, the car is simply beautiful.

Alfa GTC

Alfa GTC

Unfortunately, the Alfa GTC turned out to be Touring’s swan song as more auto manufacturers started creating bespoke cars in house, rather than farming out the bodies, and Carrozzeria Touring went out of business in 1966 after completing about 1000 GTC’s.

Today that rarity is reflected in owners rarely parting with their cars and there is speculation as to how many still actually remain.

Alright, I’m partial to Alfas, so I couldn’t wait for a spin.  A twist of the key start that wonderful noise from behind that never fails to impress.  Alfa Romeo simply makes great little engines.

Buttery smooth shifts are easy to match without a glance at the tach, and that delightful Italian sound is much closer to your ears in this cabriolet.



Onto a side street, at speeds a good deal too fast for the burbs, the GTC just seems to get happier as the revs increase and my only disappointment is not having Sophia riding shotgun.

Consider adding this to your collection before Alfa Romeo prices follow Ferrari’s into the stratosphere.

More information on this rare, collectible classic here:


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