Truth be told, before the Bentley GT arrived in 2003, Bentley’s weren’t considered modern by anyone under 70. 

My ride, a 2014 Bentley Continental GT  is fun when you want it to be; relaxed and composed when you need it to be, this very modern Grand Tourer manages to straddle the thin line between sporting and serious, completely erasing the image of Dowager Queens.

I spent a little time with Aida Avadisian at O’Gara Coach getting the lowdown on the ins and outs, the nooks and crannies, before setting out into traffic.

(Aida’s what a luxury sales person should be, interested in making the buying of a car an experience and not just a transaction. She recently had an out-of-state couple in her showroom just to kick tires. Obviously not buyers, she spent lots of time with them anyway, letting them and kids pile into various cars for photos guaranteed to wow the folks back home.)

Sensuous lines and shortened roof can’t hide the size of this car, but the Bentley GT draws admiring stares from everyone due to it’s bold and beautiful exterior, and a much younger (and wealthier) audience is drawn to the Bentley Continental GT as a necessary luxury in a sea of upscale mass production.

I see women drive these, but it’s a man’s car… horsepower overcomes inertia and this thing is fast.  Available in 8 and 12 cylinder configuration, both are sports car quick and will see 190 MPH.

IMG_3424Even without the Bentley badging everywhere, you still would know you’re in something special. Flawless styling, elegant stitching that are a delight to both the eye and hand.

Inside it’s private, quite, stroking your ego while effortlessly leaving the rest of traffic in it’s wake.

A 2+2 of grand dimensions, this gentleman’s conveyance harkens back to the Bentley Boys of yore and the famous Blue Train Bentley races… 



  • V8 500 HP 0-60: 4.5 seconds 
  • V12 550 HP 0-60: 4.1 seconds


  • 4-wheel drive
  • Fun to Drive
  • King of the road feeling


  • Smallish back seat
  • Price


*** Aida wants you to test drive her cars and is always happy to answer questions. And as I try to honestly evaluate the cars I drive, I also reflect on the folks that sell them, and I think she’s one of the best I’ve met.

You can reach Aida Adavisian @ work: 310-967-7140 or


Next month the Blue Train Bentley race that forever established the Bentley Boys…





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