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It’s jokingly said that “4 out of 3 people have trouble with math”, but that shouldn’t be true any longer, as the new BMW 4 series makes every other number in the BMW arsenal seem irrelevant.

Smack dab between the teenage 1 series and the funereal 7 series is the new BMW M4,  and I got to spend a couple of hours with the spider.

Some people are still pissed over the demise of the BMW V8 M3.  Convinced that BMW really does produce The Ultimate (V8) Driving Machine, they have spent little time on line reading reviews or heading to the dealership for a test drive.  These are the folks that won’t even make eye contact when they see one on the road, and yes, you know who you are.

Not particularly enamored with BMW’s makes me the perfect source to believably say that the BMW M4 is one fabulous car.  I like the dimensions of the new BMW M4, but I especially like the body style; rakish and sophisticated at the same time.  Once again, quit your bitching, M3 owners; everybody is building bigger cars.

 You expect M-cars to be fast, but the new turbocharged 6 CYL packs 425 HP and nearly as much torque, making it much faster than the now gone V8 M3.  The new motor feels like a Porsche turbo when you hit the gas, with incredible mid-range torque and virtually no bottom end turbo lag.

Sweet that you can still get a 6-speed manual with the M4 (with automatic rev-matching on the downshifts) but the auto box is the way to go for super fast up and down shifting.



The interior is simple, well designed and pleasing in the way of German automobiles. Of course, BMW has interior and exterior upgrade packages that will quickly put you into 2 year old Porsche territory, so consider carefully if you will really use ceramic brakes while getting your kid to soccer practice.




Headed to your dealer?  You simply have to remember kindergarten; 2+2=4

Competition: Audi S5, Mercedes C63



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