Somebody needs to tell the guys at Cadillac that cars are supposed to be a trade-off between fun and practicality, because lots of people there obviously didn’t get that memo.


I had run in to Connie Burke from General Motors back in the spring and she was kind enough to lend me a new CTS-V Sport Wagon for a week in exchange for my thoughts.  ( Dave’s note to Connie: you were right and I was wrong; this is one amazing car).

Skeptical until it arrived, the elongated lines of the Sport Wagon give it a much more balanced look that simply eludes its sibling coupe and sedan.  Not often I wax poetic about a wagon but the shape makes the coupe and sedan feel like a design after thought.

Crystal Red Tintcoat, 19 inch satin graphite wheels, and yellow calipers make for a very attractive exterior, especially when mated to the ebony interior that’s the best looking inside I’ve seen in a while.

Recaros seats came with my car and are a $2,500 must have option considering the high cornering speed this thing is capable of.

Twist the key and a distant rumble announces 555 HP has just come on-line, and even your kids are going to know you didn’t buy this thing just to haul stuff.  But haul it will and I think I put things back there just to see what would fit.  (a lot)


  • 0-60 in 4.2 sec (the manual is even faster)
  • Ticket-proof—“I couldn’t have been going that fast officer.  It’s a wagon…”
  • Fat wheel and tire combination make corners fun
  • Recaro seats and they’re a must for spirited driving
  • Lots of “cool dude”, comments when parked
  • Long on SPORT and short on WAGON
  • to a 150 MPH  you will surprise 90% of the “fast cars” out there


  • Badly needs a sports exhaust–seriously, if you’re going to cram this much grunt into a car, you have to be able to hear it!!
  • Should say “Supercharged” on the sides
  • Power windows need a surgeons’ touch to get them to stop where you want
  • Get a sunroof
  • Front spoiler easily scraped


The Competition:

Porsche Panamera S, and the BMW X6M, both of which are a ton more dough, and in my opinion,  don’t have nearly the pizzazz.  You really have to get way, way up there until you’ll find a sports wagon that can beat this beast.

You can spend a whole lot more money than the Cadillac and buy a whole lot less car.  Caddy’s done their homework and somebody in their think tank needs a pat on the back.

See you on down the road,


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About the Author: Dave Miller

Dave Miller With Lotus GT
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  1. adminhoot October 6, 2012 at 4:31 PM - Reply

    Nice article, awesome drive…DC

  2. adminhoot October 6, 2012 at 4:36 PM - Reply

    Thanks Dave. Appreciate you sending me your write-up. Happy motoring!…CB

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