The Ferrari 330 GTC is

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Ferrari 330 GTC

Ferrari 330 GTC


Never follow a child or pet act, or so the saying goes, and after the huge success of the Ferrari 275, some were disappointed by the 330 series, especially the 2+2’s. To the rescue came the lovely Ferrari 330 GTC, and fans of Ferrari breathed a sigh of relief.

300 HP made it a fast, comfortable cruiser designed to carry the well-heeled to their destination in style.  Spend some time on the road with this car as I did, and you understand why the rich were enamored with the 330 GTC.

No longer building just screaming fast sports cars, the Ferrari 330 GTC was something Ferraris had yet to become; luxurious, with power windows, disc brakes, wood paneled dash, and optional air conditioning, making this the best driving and most useable Ferrari to date.

The wonderful exhaust noise is never intrusive and the GTC is claimed to be the first Ferrari people could drive while listening to the radio and enjoying a conversation with a passenger.

It's in there somewhere...

It’s in there somewhere…

While the 330 GTC retained the short chassis of the 275 GTB, it was overall smaller than the 330 2+2, but kept a slightly reworked version of the 2+2’s V12 motor.

Up front, Pininfarina grafted the beautiful front end from the ultra-exclusive Ferrari 500 Superfast, and penned an airy, elegantly designed rear end that was instantly recognizable as a Ferrari, but refreshingly new in concept.

No matter how refined, it’s still a Ferrari.  Independent rear suspension, and a smooth transaxle channeled all that horsepower.  The 4 liter motor easily moves a light 2850 pounds from 0-60 in 6.5 seconds and gives spirited driving all the way up to a top speed of 150MPH, where disc brakes all around hauled it down from speed.

Color is always subjective, but back in the 60’s, the world wasn’t yet obsessed with red and tan Ferraris, and to my eye, this shade of blue sets off the understated lines in a way few other colors could.

Ferrari 330 GTC rear

Ferrari 330 GTC rear


Ferrari 330 GTC dash

Ferrari 330 GTC dash


Ferrari 330 GTC interior

Ferrari 330 GTC interior


If you’ve driven older Ferraris (and if you haven’t, you need to beg, borrow or steal a ride), you are an instant celebrity, and on my test drive, I got lots of thumbs up, and plenty of folks whipped out their cell phones to get a quick picture.

Between 1966-1968 just 600 GTC’s were produced before a larger 4.4 liter motor changed the car into the 365 GTC/GTS.

I hear the questions all the time; how much?  Expect to pay somewhere north of $600,000 US for a good driver, and a bit more for a perfect car.

Anything you want me to drive?  Drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do, and I’m always happy to answer your questions regarding exotics, new or vintage.

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