Yellow means caution!

Driving the 458 Serie Speciale is roughly the equivalent of finding out Angelina Jolie left Brad Pitt for you; initial shock and awe leads to “am I up to this?”.

In bright yellow with the now traditional racing strip, the Serie Speciale shimmers with presence.

Look closely and you will see small differences to the body.   Tail pipes have moved, front valences and a rear diffuser have been added in lessons learned from the LaFerrari.

A pull at the large door handle and you slip into perfectly contoured seats both firm and comfortable.  Manually adjustable sports seats hint that the Serie Seciale has been on a diet.

200 lb lighter than the tamer Italia, door panels are now carbon fiber and your feet rest on metal as the Serie Speciale has no carpeting, not to mention a carbon fiber intake and all aluminum exhaust, lighter wheels and glass.

The lexan engine cover doesn’t help you see special pistons and cams that give a staggering 14:1 compression ratio, producing more horsepower than any non-turbo motor in production.

Ferrari 458 Serie Speciale

Ferrari 458 Serie Speciale

Twist the key, hit the prominent start button on the steering wheel, and a blonde hair under 600 HP awakes.

3 seconds flat to 60 MPH, 9000RPM’s, there are precious little places to drive this beast anywhere in the world but a couple of backroads gave me a taste of what the 458 Serie Speciale is capable of and I could have easily added another 50 MPH through the corners.

New Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires are probably sticky enough to tear up asphalt and I can only guess how fast you’re going to be ordering new skins, but who cares?

Ferrari 458 Serie Speciale

Ferrari 458 Serie Speciale

Some cars are meant to be shared, but like Balvenie 50 Year Old Scotch, this one isn’t.  This car is meant to be savored alone without the chore of making conversation with a passenger.

The 458 Serie Speciale is far too engaging in its own right demanding a level of communication reserved for only two; you and the car.

It’s the end of an era for non-turbocharged Ferrari V-8’s, and Ferrari simply couldn’t be retiring this motor on a better note.

As always, thanks to Continental Autosports for tossing me the keys…



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