The Best Car in The World!


I’m open mind,  but I’m also the first to admit to being less than subjective when it comes to cars.  Now poised to get more hate mail than Leslie Jones, I’m saying it here: the Ferrari F12 is the best real-world car on the planet.

(Massa on the track with the F12 below)

Spending a little time in Chicago with my friend Steve Braverman, what was supposed to be  just Starbucks turned into a shit load of fun in Steve’s latest ride, a Ferrari F12. One can always find a latte.

World’s greatest real-world sports car is an easy argument for me, starting with a 6.3L V12, churning out an amazing 731 horsepower.  A masculine shape and luxuriously appointed interior has been praised throughout the automotive press, but best in the world comes down to usability.  I can see out of it, actually listen to jazz, and load this GT up with stuff for a weekend or week long getaway.

Ferrari F12

Ferrari F12

Standard features include the best damned entertainment system to date.  Just roll down the windows and hit the gas. Incredible!

Unlike other sports cars that are usually covered up, waiting for a perfect day, owners drive their front engine Ferraris everyday.

Before you write your comments, I realize many cars can beat the F12 around a race track, but that’s to entirely miss the point of how balanced this car is.

Hats off to Ferrari for understanding we all aren’t kids no more. And if you haven’t driven one yet, call your dealer to arrange a drive, or do what I always do and call Steve.

The Gulf Stream G550 of automobiles, the Ferrari F12 is perfection.


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