I drove the cute little Fiat 500 and awesome sister Fiat 500 Abarth when they were released a couple of years ago.IMG_2591  

Both lots of fun, the added HP makes the Abarth version fast and fun to drive. Diminutive size is one of the draws and you can almost drive it to work and carry it upstairs in your lunch box.

But like cute little puppies that grow into dogs, Fiat has managed to let the 500L morph into something that’s not so enjoyable to nuzzle up to.

I loved the looks of the original; sharp, sassy, original, not intended to emulate a sports car, but rather fun transportation at a reasonable price.

And I wanted to like the 500L…honest I did…

Something happened along the way, and the success of the Mini Cooper Clubman goaded someone into carelessly disregarding all the wonder of the sharp little 2 door and the resulting car is a disappointment to everyone that expected a couple more access points and a bit more back seat. Instead, well…

EXTERIOR: No…just…no…

INTERIOR: Lots of carry over from its smaller sibling, the Fiat 500L interior continues the spartan, but nice appointments of the 500C.

Fiat 500L

Fiat 500L

DRIVING: Sorry to say but I wanted out after 10 miles. Jarring, buzzy, a lot of which you might put up with if you’re a young adult in college. But plenty of other auto makers do this size car better, at less money, and more’s the pity as Fiat had the $$ and time to make this a a different machine.

Chasing profits doesn’t always mean a better product and this pooch needs a trip to the vet…



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